Groupon Getaway: The Hotel

Exterior of the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort, hotel, street view
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After our two-hour spa retreat and our delicious lunch, we drive to the hotel.
We already had our Groupon to stay for one night.* 
We arrive at the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort and the valet, Kathy, let’s us know that parking is available as valet only and costs $39 plus tax per night, but that we can go in and out as we please(The cost of parking was mentioned in the e-mail when we booked the hotel, but who reads emails anymore?). We give Kathy our car, and head for the lobby.
Smoking Oasis, Four Diamond Award, my husband, pizza shirt
We didn’t get a chance to check out the “‘smoking oasis,’” but it did pique our interest.

It’s not a huge lobby, but it looks clean and smells fancy. We wait for our turn to check in. The pleasant woman checking us in at the front desk explains that our room isn’t ready yet, but that she’s upgrading us two tiers — to a suite. My husband and I smile at one another.
We’re even more pleased when she hands us a voucher for two free drinks at the bar inside the restaurant of the hotel.
Yay!! An upgrade and free booze?
My husband and I begin giggling like excited schoolchildren.
She walks us through the rest of the benefits we get with our stay and hands us a card that explains everything:


20% off at the spa
10% off at the shop
2 free bottles of water per day
at the cafe
2 hrs of bike riding per day (they provide the helmets)
2 Beach chairs and towels per day

We stow our bags for free in the lobby until our room is ready.

It’s raining out, so we decide to get our free drinks while we wait for our room to become available.

The outdoor pool of the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach with Ocean View in the background, palm trees, pool lounging chairs, hotel patrons in the pool, raining outside
At the beautiful pool with a view to the beach. I brightened the pic up a bit before posting it, but the sky was gray and overcast. See how the floor is wet? It was raining a little.


The outdoor pool of the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach with Ocean View in the background, palm trees, pool lounging chairs, hotel patrons in the pool, raining outside
Hubby at the pool.


My husband and I at the bar with our drinks, pizza shirt, drinks, pina colada with some strawberry flavor
With our delicious drinks. Cheers!

Pina colada with some strawberry flavor, strawberry garnish on the rim of the glass


Shout out to our bartender (who moonlights as a DJ) for being fun and making us some delicious drinks!
We’re almost done with our drinks when my husband gets a call that our room is ready.
We are very pleasantly surprised by our room.
Balcony, chairs on the balcony, The Conrad Hotel, Ocean/beach view
The balcony.

The Conrad Hotel seen from our balcony
Here’s the view from the balcony.


Ocean view from our Hotel Room Balcony, empty lot next door, cloudy sky
We looked to the right and had an ocean view.
The Kitchenette, microwave, sink, two heating elements, coffee maker, mugs, ice bucket, glasses, mini refrigerator, drawers, paper towels
The kitchenette.


TV, coffee table, lamp, chair, view of balcony
The living room.
Our luggage, sleeper couch, coffee table, chair, lamp on end table, pictures hung on the wall
The other side of the living room.



King sized bed, pillows, headboard, nightstands, blue lamps, picture frame on wall
The bed.


Full length mirror, desk, desk lamp, office chair, pictures hung, television
The desk.
two doors leading to the closet, full length mirror, me, hello
Closet doors and full-length mirror. Hi!

The bathroom was spacious.


The tub, towels on a rack, body wash
The bathroom: tub,


Stand-in shower, toilet, towels on rack
toilet and shower,


Stand-in shower


Sink, ample counter space, Mirror, me in the mirror, hello
mirror, sink with lots of counter space, and me. Hi, again! 
We get to the room and decide to watch a movie.
We order Kong and pause the movie a few times to reminisce about the King Kong ride at Universal Studios when we were kids.
King Kong Animatronic, Fire, bridge, King Kong Ride
Remember this guy? *le sigh* Photo taken from:

Then we get hungry for dinner, so we order room service. I order the four cheese Mac n cheese (from the adult menu) and my husband gets the chicken strips and fries from the kids’ menu, and two giant chocolate chip cookies with milk. Everything tastes delicious!

Bowl of Mac n Cheese with breadcrumbs on top, fork, water bottle
Four cheese mac n cheese.
Chicken Tenders, fries, honey mustard sauce in a ramekin, ketchup in a ramekin, cloth napkin with silverware tucked inside
Chicken tenders with fries, honey mustard, and ketchup.

It was such a pleasant and relaxing stay.

We didn’t take advantage of some of the benefits because it was raining. We did get the free water bottles the day we arrived, and the day we left. And we bought some things at the shop, so we did get that 10% discount.

The Sign for the Shop at the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach , The Q Shop


Oka-B sandals beige with turquoise stones and beading
I bought these pretty, and extremely comfortable, sandals at the shop.

Thank you, Hilton Ft Lauderdale Beach Resort, for a thoroughly wonderful experience!
Me cheesing for the camera on the balcony of our suite
Before heading home, we make a pit stop
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